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Chef Lauren at Home: Weekly plant-based Meals

Deliciously simple and always plant-based meals, now available at home.

How many times have you been in a hungry lunchtime stupor, in the middle of a hectic and crazy day, and in a rush to get back to work? If you’re like our happy “busy bee” clients (otherwise known as Chef Lauren’s Homies), it happens daily.

That’s why meal prepping can be a huge savior, the only problem is you have to make time to do that, too. Until now. 

With Chef Lauren at Home, we’ll take care of lunch (and/or dinner!), so you can take care of business – whatever that means for you. 

Where Flavor

A healthy meal does not have to be boring, and you won’t find that here! Our menus are seasonal, familiar, and super flavorful because that’s the kind of food that’s most fun to eat. And when it is, it’s much easier to stay the course in pursuit of healthy change.

Meets Nutrition

Fueling your body and stocking your fridge with plant-based meals, that are as delicious as they are nutritious and wholesome, is our joy. These meals will keep satisfied for hours, so you can crush your day, doing whatever it is you’ve got planned.

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Meets Convenience

Our reheating guide helps our “Homies” to have the best experience with our meals. They’re even color coded so you can see what prep method is used at a quick glance. Meals are portioned in glass containers for sustainability.

A Quick Hello From Chef Lauren!

How it works

Chef Lauren at Home is a weekly plant-based meal prep service, available to a select few clients in the Greater Manchester, NH area. Here’s how it works:


Select your menu package

Clients can choose from three quantities of meal support: Part-Time (4 meals), Full-Time (6 meals), and Over-Time (8 meals). All meals are packaged in individual servings, labeled, and include a reheat guide and weekly menu at a glance.

Our menu packages are a subscription service, with a minimum term of two months – so you can experience the many benefits of eating plant-based! And the additional benefits to your schedule, like time saved, mental space made, and stress reduced.

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Complete your Application

Most allergies and preferences can be easily accommodated! To make sure your other preferences are met (i.e. no olives or spicy food), we gather all of that information up front. It’s very likely that you’ll be trying new flavors and foods, but that’s half the fun! Nothing is “too far out there,” and you’ll find that the meals are approachable, and may even feel a little familiar.


Select your pick up location

Meals are picked up at meeting locations in Bedford, NH, Nashua, NH, or Manchester, NH, with more being added as our Chef Lauren @ Home Family grows. If you work in/own an office of interested people, it’s possible that your office could receive delivery (depending on location and minimum 4 participants).


Cross Meal prep off your list!

That’s it! No meals to choose off of a menu each week, this service is all about saving you TIME. And taking decisions off your list – you’ve got enough of those as it is! You’re here because you want to eat healthier, but still super flavorful foods, and you’re excited to try new foods. There’s so much to look forward to, and we can’t wait to cook for you 🙂

Amazing! Total life saver!

Before I met Lauren, lunch was always such a struggle. I’d often just skip the meal altogether, but then I’d notice that I was not productive at all in the afternoons. Her food is not only delicious, but it’s healthy – so it makes me feel amazing, and is just the fuel I needed in my busy workday as a business owner. HIGHLY recommend!

Keri S.

Wow! Wow! WOW!

I was excited about this service because I do not have time to prepare healthy meals – but it’s super important to me to eat well. I was not expecting the food to taste so good, and with so much variety, flavor, and nutrition!

Matt P.

Game Changer!

These meals have been so helpful for me! I’m a busy business owner, and I work from home. So there are days (most days!) that are completely full and leave very little time for taking breaks. I love that my lunch is ready for me, and now I make sure to take a break to eat, because I look forward to the meals that Chef Lauren creates. Thank you!

Linda S.

About Chef Lauren

Chef Lauren is a plant-based lifestyle guide who is committed to cooking and sharing her favorite seasonal plant-based recipes to inspire others to simply eat more delicious plants. Her roots as a pastry chef turned plant-based lifestyle advocate, have led to her passionately dedicating the last four years creating a mission driven, edu-tainment centric, plant-based brand. 

The recipes prepared for the “Homies” (at Home service clients) are material and recipes for her next cookbook – a companion book to her online program, the Kitchen Mindset Lab.

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All meals are ready to go, and come with a convenient reheating guide.


All meals are dairy-free, and can easily be made gluten- and soy-free too!


Intentionally prepared with your health in mind, most likely while also jamming out in the kitchen.


100% plant-based, and super filling, nutritious, and of course – delicious.